Cruise Ship Accidents

Our lawyers represent Passengers and Crew who are injured or harmed on board cruise ships. Cases against cruise ships are more complicated than other maritime claims, with the place a lawsuit or claim can be brought often limited by the companies to Seattle, Washington or Miami, Florida. You may be able to determine this by examining your cruise ship ticket. You also must usually bring your claim within one year of your cruise or injury on board.

We represent people throughout the world.

Our attorneys are experinced bringing claims against Cruise Ship Compnaies and we can help you recover substantial compensation for your injuries.

We can help you with your cruise ship injury claims.

Types of claims handled include:

* Serious Accidents or Injuries while on board a cruise ship, including falls resulting in head injuries, fractures or back and neck problems.
* Injuries while on shore excursions arranged or promoted by the cruise ship companies
* Viruses, infectious diseases and illnesses such as viral gastroenteritis, the "Norwalk Virus."
* Illnesses caused by contaminated food and beverages served on the cruise ship
* Sexual assaults by cruise ship crew members

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