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Learn about your rights under US law worldwide. helps you find Maritime lawyers worldwide. All of our Lawyers provide free consultation and work on a contingency basis - they accept no fee until they recover money for you or win your case. Please explore our site which features information about Maritime and Admiralty law as well as the types of cases our lawyers handle.

-Cruise Ship Accidents.
-Jones Act Cases.
-Unseaworthiness Claims.
-Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Act.
-Death on the High Seas Act.

All Injuries at Sea including:
Offshore Drilling and Oil Rig Accidents
Fishing Accidents
Barge, Tug Boat, Tanker, Water, Taxi, Riverboat Casino, Trawler, Shrimper Accidents
Drowning, Explosion or Injury on Any Ship or Vessel

-Representative Marine Claims.

Representation of All Seaman, Fisherman, Merchant Seaman, Harbor Workers, Longshoremen, and Ferry or Cruise Passengers or Crew.

We also handle International Maritime Injuries.
Ships do not confine themselves to particular countries, nor does our injury practice. No matter what flag vessel on which your injury occurred and no matter where that vessel is now, we can help you recover damages for your injury. World-Wide.

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